Guest Lecture on Opportunities and challenges in digital health – a perspective from a global diagnostics and pharmaceutical player: Karin Bosshard, 14 December 2022

Wednesday, 14 December, 4:15 -5:45 PM CET Zoom Link: ethz.zoom.us/j/64214534952 About Dr. Karin Bosshard Dr. Karin Bosshard’s interests are all about innovations enabled by combining the [...]

Guest Lecture on Challenges and Learnings from building a digital health startup out of Switzerland by Aurelian Briner, CEO of SNAQ, 23 November 2022

Wednesday, 23 November, 10AM -11:30AM CET Zoom Link: ethz.zoom.us/j/67075189375 About Aurelian Briner Aurelian is the CEO of the digital health company SNAQ. Their award-winning app supports [...]

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