Bridging theory and practice: Our research projects are embedded in practical settings and require a multi-disciplinary approach. Industry provides inspiration and infrastructure for our ideas and experiments.

MobileCoach Open Source Platform

The vision of the MobileCoach platform is to create fully-automated digital interventions. Due to a modular and extendable structure as well as an architecture rooted [...]

Mobile Diet Coach: MySwissFoodPyramid

Mobile Diet Coach aims to provide fully-automated interventions to improve food literacy and support health-promoting dietary behaviors. Results of menuCH, the National Nutrition Survey conducted 2014 [...]

SNF PathMate2 Childhood Obesity

The goal of the research project PathMate2 is to help support obese children, their parents and their physicians with modern technology in creating a healthier lifestyle. [...]

SNF Personality Change

Research has shown that personality traits are changeable over longer time periods, and that changes may bring about positive life outcomes such as greater success in [...]

SNF Mobile Couple Support

Diabetes mellitus Type II is a common chronic disease. To manage blood glucose levels patients need to follow medical recommendations for healthy eating, physical activity, and [...]

Lungenliga ready4life Life Skills

Substance use is one of the biggest contributors to the health burden in 10-24-year olds. School-based life-skills trainings were effective in delaying or preventing problematic substance [...]

CSS Mobile Asthma Companion

Chronic diseases are on the rise and pose a fundamental challenge to the healthcare system. The Swiss Health Observatory stated in the national health report 2015 [...]

CSS Mobile Diabetes Companion

Diabetes Mellitus ist eine chronische Stoffwechselkrankheit, von der allein in der Schweiz ca. 500,000 Personen betroffen sind [1]. 90% aller Diabetespatienten leiden unter Typ II Diabetes [...]

CSS myStep

The aim of the myStep project is to realize the potential of digital health interventions in order to increase physical activity. The vision of myStep is [...]

CTI CH-TeamCoach

The Corporate Health Teamcoach (short «CH-Teamcoach») is an e-Coach for leaders and their teams to improve working conditions and team climate. The e-Coach guides team leaders [...]


The increasingly demanding work environments today make job strain a timely and relevant subject of investigation. Early detection and tailored treatment of job strain is [...]


The PathMate project has the objective to build and evaluate a mobile healthcare information system that has direct effects on the performance of obesity expert and [...]


Towards a mental health information system that harnesses ubiquitous sensor information for depression screening and tailored interventions. Limited personnel resources and costs have a [...]


Evaluating software solutions for the medical practice – what do the users think? In cooperation with an industry partner, the Health-IS Lab evaluates the customer satisfaction [...]

Privacy Paradox

Investigating privacy-related phenomena, prior research has often pointed to discrepancies between users’ privacy concerns and disclosing behaviors, denoted as the privacy paradox. That is, users tend [...]


YouTurn is smoking cessation 2.0. Building on scientific knowledge from psychology and consumer behavior, quitters bet real money on their success in long-term withstanding. Furthermore, [...]

Job Crafting IS

The Job Crafting IS (JCIS) project aims to develop and evaluate an Information System aiming to support employees in analyzing their job situation and taking [...]


alphastreams is a mobile health information system that supports customers of pharmacies in everyday situations. Access to products and services of pharmacies takes usually place [...]