Bridging theory and practice: Our research projects are embedded in practical settings and require a multi-disciplinary approach. Industry provides inspiration and infrastructure for our ideas and experiments.

Digital Physiotherapy Coaching with Alex

Physiotherapy is a widespread and efficient method for the rehabilitation of various health problems, such as chronic diseases, injuries, and age-related health issues. In addition to face-to-face [...]

DyMand: Dyadic Management of Diabetes

Diabetes mellitus Type II is a common chronic disease. To manage blood glucose levels patients need to follow medical recommendations for healthy eating, physical activity, and [...]

Ally: A Digital Assistant to Lift Your Level of Activity

Background: Smartphones enable the implementation of just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAIs) that tailor the delivery of health interventions over time to user-varying and time-varying context characteristics. Ideally, JITAIs [...]

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