Frontiers in Digital Health 2022 Call for Papers on Scaling Up Health IT

Healthcare delivery is undergoing a rapid change from traditional processes towards the use of digital health interventions and personalized medicine. On one side, hospitals and health care providers are introducing hospital information systems, electronic health records and telemedicine solutions for more efficient workflows within and beyond institutions. On the other side, patients can now choose between a wide range of digital health applications provided by wearables and mobile phone applications supporting their self-management, health and well-being.

However, the question of how digital health innovation can be scaled up sustainably has not yet been sufficiently addressed. As such, this Research Topic seeks contributions dealing with this important question, focusing specifically on the diffusion and adoption of digital health innovations. We are also interested in receiving submissions focusing on digital health innovations in an early stage of research that are challenging the scaling-up issue.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  1. Innovative and implemented (telemedical) care models to mitigate the demographic impact on the health care system
  2. Implementation strategies or models for localizing and tailoring digital health applications
  3. Implementation research or experience from the implementation of digital health innovations
  4. Augmenting traditional healthcare scenarios with digital health innovations, for example, by reducing the gap in care or information some patient groups are facing
  5. Transformation of traditional care processes by the use of information and communication technologies, e.g. successful intra- and inter-organizational implementation of health information systems, electronic health records, or telemedicine/eHealth applications
  6. Dissemination and adoption strategies for digital innovations
  7. Health behaviour change through the use of digital health interventions

We welcome research and theory papers as well as case studies and best practice examples. Priority will be given to contributions finding measures to assess and ensure the real-life implementation of innovative solutions.

Important Dates

  1. Submission of abstract: 15 May 2022
  2. Submission of full manuscript: 31 July 2022


Important Links

  1. Further details with submission links
  2. Author guidelines

Keywords: digital health, eHealth, implementation strategy, implementation research, transformation of traditional care processes, dissemination and adoption strategies

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