Kick-off for the third cohort of the CAS ETH in Digital Health

February got off to a very special start for us. We are excited to announce that the third cohort of our digital health training programme “CAS ETH in Digital Health” have started their digital health training.

From February 6 to 7, 2024, we met the 13 participants at the beautiful Hotel Wartensee in Rorschacherberg. During two days, the participants actively took part in lectures and group work and gained a first understanding of the context of digital health interventions for non-communicable diseases. This included contributions from Dr. Mia Jovanova, Dr. Marcia Nissen and Prof. Tobias Kowatsch. A highlight of the two-day event was the workshop on “Generative AI: Mastering LLMs and Their Application in Digital Health”, which was led by Luisa Lager. Luisa is not only a student assistant at the Center but also a co-founder of Mindmode. Mindmode is helping organizations creating emotional and personalized customer experiences by leveraging the power of generative AI.

We are looking forward to an exciting year with all participants.

If you are interested in the CAS ETH in Digital Health, please feel free to contact our programme co-manager Giuliana Breu at any time:

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