Second cohort successfully completes CAS ETH in Digital Health

We are pleased to announce that the second cohort of the CAS ETH in Digital Health continuing education programme successfully completed the course at the beginning of February.

20 highly motivated participants from various industries and backgrounds completed the one-year programme. Last week, the course came to an end with the final presentation of Module 4 entitled “Designing a Just-in-time Adaptive Intervention” at the beautiful seminar hotel Schloss Wartensee at Lake Constance. The solutions presented by the four groups were not only highly innovative, but also very creative.

Congratulations to all participants and many thanks to everyone who supported the course throughout the year: Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch, Dr. Mia Jovanova, Dr. Marcia Nissen, Marc-Robin Grüner and Prabhakaran Santhanam.

We look forward to reporting more about the new cohort, which also started last week, and providing further insights into our CAS programme.

If you are interested in the CAS ETH in Digital Health, please feel free to contact our programme co-manager Giuliana Breu at any time:

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