CAS ETH in Digital Health 2024-2025 – Module 2: Assessing Digital Health Technologies

Today, we face the challenge of chronic conditions. Personal coaching approaches are neither scalable nor financially sustainable. The question arises, therefore, to which degree Digital Health Technologies (DHTs) are appropriate to address this challenge.

The second module of our CAS ETH in Digital Health gives participants an in-depth understanding of the design process for DHTs. How can we ensure that DHTs are effective and tailored to specific needs? The module reviews DHT frameworks and looks at the distinct stages of the research-development cycle.
The lecture is structured in two parts and follows the concept of a hybrid treatment consisting of live sessions and complementary online lessons. In the first part, participants will learn and discuss the learning topics. Complementary learning material (e.g., video and audio clips), multiple-choice questions, and exercises are provided online.

In the second part, participants work in teams. Participants will use the knowledge from the first part of this module to critically assess DHTs, identify unmet needs, and propose a DHT, incl. a business model, that addresses the unmet need. Each team will then present and discuss their findings with their fellow participants, who will provide peer reviews. Additional online coaching sessions are offered to support the teams with preparing their presentations.

After the module, participants will be able to…

  1. know design and assessment frameworks for DHTs
  2. assess DHTs
  3. discuss the advantages and disadvantages of DHTs
  4. propose a DHT, incl. business model, that addresses an unmet need of existing DHTs

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Spring Semester 2024, 4 ECTS, this module is part of our CAS ETH in Digital Health (15 ECTS, 25 CME credits)

Contact Person
Giuliana Breu
Giuliana BreuExecutive Director & Programme Manager, Centre for Digital Health Interventions
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch
Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch
Giuliana Breu
Giuliana Breu