Bridging theory and practice: Our research projects are embedded in practical settings and require a multi-disciplinary approach. Industry provides inspiration and infrastructure for our ideas and experiments.

Job Crafting IS

The Job Crafting IS (JCIS) project aims to develop and evaluate an Information System aiming to support employees in analyzing their job situation and taking [...]

Privacy Paradox

Investigating privacy-related phenomena, prior research has often pointed to discrepancies between users’ privacy concerns and disclosing behaviors, denoted as the privacy paradox. That is, users tend [...]


YouTurn is smoking cessation 2.0. Building on scientific knowledge from psychology and consumer behavior, quitters bet real money on their success in long-term withstanding. Furthermore, [...]


alphastreams is a mobile health information system that supports customers of pharmacies in everyday situations. Access to products and services of pharmacies takes usually place [...]

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