Guest lecture on Natural Language Interactions with Virtual Human Counselors: Stefán Ólafsson, 26 April 2023

2023-04-27T14:15:39+02:00March 17th, 2023|

Wednesday, 26 April 2023, 3PM CEST/ 1PM GMT About Stefán Ólafsson  Stefán Ólafsson is an assistant professor at the department of computer science at Reykjavik University (RU). He received his Ph.D. in Personal Health Informatics from Northeastern University, Boston, in 2021 and holds a master's [...]

30. Ärzteforum Davos – Introduction to DTx by Tobias Kowatsch, 10 March 2023

2023-03-11T18:52:47+01:00March 11th, 2023|

The 30th edition of the Ärzteforum Davos took place at the beginning of March. The educational program is the product of many professionals interested and specialized in modern knowledge transfer. Participation is also intended to provide an exchange of experience for all those taking part. The training [...]

Guest lecture on Operationalizing and Implementing Generative Pretrained Language Models and Large Language Models in Healthcare: Emre Sezgin, 6 April 2023

2023-04-07T13:08:04+02:00March 6th, 2023|

Thursday, 6 April 2023, 4:00 - 5:30 PM CET About Dr. Emre Sezgin Dr. Emre Sezgin is a Principal Investigator at Nationwide Children's Hospital & Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at The Ohio State University College of Medicine. He has been a digital health scientist and innovator [...]

Optimizing Digital Therapeutics, Spring 2023, University of Zurich

2023-03-28T14:43:44+02:00March 4th, 2023|

Fitbits detect lasting changes after Covid-19 (New York Times, 2022), The promise of the metaverse in cardiovascular health (European Heart Journal, 2022), Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain? (The New York Times Magazine, 2022), First of its Kind Alexa Experience Provides Hands-Free Access at Home to [...]

Guest lecture on Building digital health for chronic diseases across Europe with Oviva: Kai Eberhardt, 24 March 2023

2023-03-25T15:13:14+01:00March 1st, 2023|

Friday, 24 March, 10:00-11:30AM CET About Kai Eberhardt Kai Eberhardt is CEO and co-founder of Oviva, a digital health company focusing on treating diet-related, chronic diseases. He worked on healthcare topics from the age of 20, starting from when he was treated for cancer. [...]

The second cohort of the CAS ETH in Digital Health kicks off their Digital Health training!

2023-02-17T09:23:23+01:00February 24th, 2023|

We are excited to announce that the second cohort of our digital health training programme "CAS ETH in Digital Health" have kicked off their digital health training. From 7 to 8 February 2023, we met the 20 participants at the Seminarhotel Lihn in beautiful Glarus. Over [...]

Guest lecture on A Step-By-Step Guide To Scaling a Walking App: Jamie Rosen, 15 March 2023

2023-03-15T14:01:11+01:00February 22nd, 2023|

Wednesday, 15 March, 9:00-10:30 AM CET About Jamie Rosen Jamie Rosen is the Founder & CEO of WayBetter, a B2C startup in the US that makes games which promote healthy habits — from eating better to being more active every day to managing stress. WayBetter [...]

CDHI Quarterly Meeting: Research Updates from the CORE Digital Health Interventions, 9 March 2023

2023-03-10T17:20:57+01:00February 15th, 2023|

Please join us at our upcoming CDHI Quarterly Meeting where the focus will be on research updates from the CORE Digital Health Interventions. When? Thursday, 9 March 2023, 10:00 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. CET Agenda: A. Welcome and introduction to the meeting Prof. Dr. Tobias [...]

Guest Lecture on Passive Data-Driven Digital Mental Health Assessment and Treatment by Nicholas Jacobson, 10 March 2023

2023-03-10T16:57:49+01:00January 31st, 2023|

Friday, 10 March 2023, 10:00 - 11:30 AM CET About Dr. Nicholas Jacobson Dr. Nick Jacobson is an assistant professor in the departments of Biomedical Data Science, Psychiatry, and Computer Science at Dartmouth College's Geisel School of Medicine. He directs the AI and [...]

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