Keynote by Abhishek Avasthi on his Entrepreneurial Journey at Sawera Health Foundation, 5 April 2024

Friday, 5 April 2024, 10.15 am CET, Zoom

Abhishek Avasthi is co-founder & product manager (Pro-bono) at Sawera Health Foundation. He has several years of experience as digital and technology transformation expert and business analyst at IMT Labs, Cognizant, Novartis and Ascensia Diabetes Care. At Sawera Health Foundation, Abhishek successfully launched a companion app for children and families affected by childhood leukemia across four hospitals in Switzerland. He identified gaps in care and patient support through customer pains and gains assessment, and focus groups discussions with parent and survivor groups, oncologists, and key opinion leaders. Abhishek also successfully raised non-dilutive funds through donations and grants to support the foundation’s mission and to cover required expenses.

In his keynote, Abhishek Avasthi will give an overview of the Sawera Health Foundation and discuss the lessons he learned and the challenges he faced on his entrepreneurial journey.

CDHI Lecture Series - Emerging Business Models in Digital Health

We are pleased to invite you to join this lecture, which is part of our CDHI Lecture Series Emerging Business Models in Digital Health. Registration is not required. Please be aware that we will be recording this lecture and making it available on this page if the keynote speaker agrees. If you have any questions, please contact Panitda Huynh (

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