Happy new year from the CDHI!

Happy new year from our team at the Centre for Digital Health Interventions 🎆!

We hope that you are feeling refreshed and motivated for 2022!

Inspired by the Thank and Praise App 👏💓, here are some things we are grateful for and excited about:

👋 We are grateful for a talented and supportive team, and excited about recent additions – both in Switzerland and in Singapore. Welcome Fan Wu, Oscar Castro, and Jinjoo Shim!

🔎 In Singapore, the IntraCREATE Seed Collaboration Grant will help the team’s explore how to best serve unreached populations in Singapore with digital health apps 📲.

📚 In a month’s time, the first cohort of our continuing education course CAS ETH in Digital Health will launch and we are getting ready to deliver digital health training to an interdisciplinary group of healthcare and business professionals 🤓!

🤝 We are excited about our partnership with the MAS ETH in Digital Clinical Research.

✍️ We are looking forward to a number of interesting conferences in 2022, including the Scale-IT-up 2022 conference.

❤️ We are grateful for amazing guest lectures by leaders in their fields who generously share their time and expertise with us.

Of course, there are many more things to be grateful for, and it is surprising how thinking about what we already have can completely shift our perspective! We hope you are feeling a little inspired and encouraged by this ✨! Here’s to a kinder 2022 🤩!

Photo by Brett Jordan on Unsplash

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