Book: The Digital Pill: What Everyone Should Know about the Future of Our Healthcare System

2021-06-22T15:01:33+02:00May 5th, 2021|

Information technology is changing healthcare in numerous wide-ranging aspects, including significantly improving the overall quality of patient care and therefore helping to reduce limitations in people's daily lives. The Digital Pill reflects on how digital technologies can combat chronic diseases including diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular, respiratory and neurodegenerative diseases [...]

RADAR: Wearable-Based Dysglycemia Detection and Warning in Diabetes

2021-12-10T12:48:08+01:00January 1st, 2021|

Diabetes mellitus affects approximately 537 million people worldwide, and a doubling of cases is expected within the next 25 years. The economic burden manifests in yearly expenditures of at least USD 966 billion. For most people with diabetes, self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is of utmost importance [...]

FLIRT: A Feature Generation Toolkit for Wearable Data

2021-12-10T12:48:53+01:00January 1st, 2021|

Researchers use wearable sensing data and machine learning (ML) models to predict various health and behavioral outcomes. However, sensor data from commercial wearables are prone to noise, missing, or artifacts. Even with the recent interest in deploying commercial wearables for long-term studies, there does not exist a [...]

MobileCoach Open Source Platform

2020-11-07T23:24:16+01:00October 14th, 2020|

The vision of the MobileCoach platform is to create fully-automated digital interventions. Due to a modular and extendable structure as well as an architecture rooted in the logics and legal claims of open-source software, the MobileCoach lays a fruitful ground for digital interventions in several [...]

Prediction and Prevention of Non-Adherence to Digital Health Interventions

2022-01-21T20:26:28+01:00October 14th, 2020|

Digital health interventions (DHIs) show vast potential in supporting patients and health care systems with the globally increasing prevalence and economic costs of non-communicable diseases (NCDs) – the leading causes of death and disability worldwide [1, 2]. More specifically, Mobile Health Applications (mHealth apps) are now considered [...]

Breeze: A Gameful Biofeedback Breathing Training for Mental and Physical Well-being

2020-11-23T13:48:25+01:00October 1st, 2020|

Slow-paced breathing training is an effective method to strengthen cardiac functioning and psychological well-being. It thus addresses two of the most pressing global health challenges: chronic disease and mental illness. Slow-paced breathing training can be self-paced (e.g., during mindfulness meditation), externally-guided by following acoustic, seismic, or visual [...]

Using Voice Assistants for the Management of Chronic Diseases: is it possible?

2021-12-21T09:02:12+01:00June 1st, 2020|

Voice assistants (VAs) are increasingly, ubiquitous and accessible in multiple contexts. But can we use them to provide a scalable solution to deliver digital health-interventions? The heterogeneity in research methods used to develop and evaluate voice assistants for health clashes with the demand for more frequent and transparent dissemination of research [...]

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