A Warm Welcome to Helen Galliker, Game Designer and Coach for Nonviolent Communication

We are very happy to welcome Helen Galliker, who joins us as a game designer for holographic conversational agents at the Centre for Digital Health Interventions. Helen studied Game Design at the Zurich University of the Arts, viewing games as an interactive medium that can motivate and provide engaging experiences in different domains. After graduating, she received a start-up grant in Berlin. She helped create an online plant retailer with digital care assistance, where she was responsible for both technical development and design. Since returning to Switzerland, she has focused on the intersection of games, research, and health. In addition to her work in game design, Helen also leads seminars on Nonviolent Communication for companies and private individuals. She has previously worked at the CSS Health Lab on developing the Digital Physio Coach Alex and the breathing training app Breeze.

She will now continue the development of Alex and Breeze with a focus on generative artificial intelligence for dynamic spatial computing environments and AI-based holographic voice assistants, which interact with the help of large language models. Helen will also explore with Dr. des. Anja Bischof, Prof. Dr. Janna Hastings and Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch and in close collaboration with our didactic experts from the HSG School of Medicine (e.g., Dr. med. et MME Simone Krähenmann-Müller and Dr. med. Telemachos Hatziisaak) and our clinical partners from the University Medicine Zurich and the Cantonal Hospital in St.Gallen how to scale up high-quality medical education with these technologies.

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