Talk on Healthcare Analytics by our new CDHI affiliate Prof. Dr. Stefan Feuerriegel

At our team meeting today, we were happy to listen to the talk by our new CDHI affiliate Prof. Dr. Stefan Feuerriegel, a tenure-track assistant professor in management information systems from the Department of Management, Technology and Economics at ETH Zurich. The talk was entitled “Healthcare analytics:
From longitudinal health monitoring to management decisions
“. The abstract is provided below:

Personalized healthcare, i.e. tailoring of care to patients, illnesses and their progression promises gains in efficiency and effectiveness in the provision of healthcare. This can be accomplished through longitudinal health monitoring whereby the course of a condition is traced over weeks or months. For this reason, one needs a precise understanding of how healthcare analytics can foster better care. This talk provides a taxonomy of different methodological approaches. Individual examples can range from supporting preventive actions in early stages of diseases, facilitating accurate prognoses of how patients respond to treatments and thereby is supposed to help healthcare professionals in choosing treatments that match patient profiles and disease mechanisms best.

We are looking very forward to joint research projects with Stefan.

Stefan Feuerriegel

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