Spring Doctoral Seminar 2024: Exploring Interdisciplinary Frontiers

Last week, we held a two-day doctoral seminar featuring distinguished teams led by Professor Elgar Fleisch, Professor Felix Wortmann, and Professor Tobias Kowatsch. During the seminar, the doctoral candidates had the opportunity to present their current research projects and receive valuable feedback from both professors and various postdoctoral researchers.

Our seminar wasn’t solely focused on digital health. Thanks to the invaluable contribution of Professor Felix Wortmann, Scientific Director of the Bosch IoT Lab, discussions also encompassed topics beyond the Digital Health domain. These ranged from improving the efficiency of heat pumps and influencing more sustainable shopping patterns, to digital biomarkers and research on business models in the digital health market.

The doctoral candidates benefited greatly from interdisciplinary exchanges among themselves and with experienced team members. Held in the beautiful Kanton of Schwyz, our seminar room even offered a view of the famous Rütliwiese.

A big thank you to our experts who shared advice asked important questions and offered encouragement. Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch, Prof. Dr. Felix Wortmann, Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch, Dr. Marcia Nissen, Dr. Mia Jovanova, Dr. des Anja Bischof, Dr. Rasita Vinay and Dr. Jojo George Boateng and Dr. Wolfgang Bronner from Bosch – it was a pleasure to have you with us!

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