Please welcome our new doctoral researcher Wasu Mekniran!

Please welcome Wasu Mekniran as our newest Research Assistant to the Centre for Digital Health Interventions. Wasu is a doctoral student at ETH Zürich, a research assistant at HSG, and now a core team member at our Center for Digital Health Interventions!

After completing a B.Eng. and M.Sc. degrees in Mechanical Engineering in Japan and Germany, Wasu is now pursuing his MBA focusing on a digital healthcare business at RWTH Aachen University.

During his professional career at Bosch Japan, Wasu gained valuable experience starting as a management trainee, contributing to several digitalization projects to increase Bosch’s competitiveness in quality and production. In addition to his engineering and management experiences, he is a passionate business developer and entrepreneur, as he has successfully founded international startups and given keynote presentations. Most recently, Wasu worked with ELIA Group – high-voltage transmission system operators in Belgium and Germany, to develop IoT business cases aiming to improve operational efficiency in energy management through cloud architecture.

At our center, Wasu will research and develop business models for digital healthy longevity companies to make disease prevention measurable, actionable, and accountable by looking into “how can we make digital precision preventive care models a success? “.

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