Wasu Mekniran moderates panel discussion at the Davos Innovation Week during WEF 2024

CDHI’s PhD student Wasu Mekniran shares his experience of moderating a panel at the Davos Innovation Week during the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2024: On January 16, Wasu had the privilege of journeying to Davos to the Davos Innovation Week, co-hosted by WorldInnovationEconomics and the Swiss Finance + Technology Association (SFTA), served as a dynamic platform to delve into the intricate realm of longevity and healthcare innovation—a novel panel theme.

The panel discussion commenced with diverse perspectives on the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, offering a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities propelling and propelled by groundbreaking healthcare innovations.

A pivotal moment in the conversation was the emphasis on fostering more inclusive healthcare access and the potential for collaboration using a holistic, all-of-society approach. This approach incorporates the transformative power of AI technology and regulatory frameworks, poised to revolutionize personalized health and age management. Wasu was grateful for the opportunity to moderate a distinguished panel comprising medical professionals, healthcare entrepreneurs, digital health visionaries, and medical device manufacturers. Their insights deepened the collective understanding of an integrative approach to shaping the future of healthcare, particularly with a proactive vision for healthcare reform.

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