PhD Diploma with highest distinction for Dr Jan-Niklas Kramer

Today, September 14 2020, we are very proud of Dr Jan-Niklas Kramer who received his PhD Diploma (Ph.D. HSG) with the predicate “with highest distinction” on the basis of his doctoral thesis on Public Health Impact of Scalable Physical Activity Interventions: Insights from Two Field Studies in Switzerland and of the statutory doctoral examinations. The award ceremony was conducted in strict compliance with the Covid-19 code of conduct and protective measures. Thus, Prof Dr Bernhard Ehrenzeller, President of the University of St.Gallen, congratulated Jan-Niklas virtually (see image below).

Jan-Niklas was a doctoral student at our centre primrily working on the projects myStep: Assessment of Small Incentives to Promote Physical Activity and Ally: A Digital Assistant to Lift Your Level of Activity. He is now Innovation Manager at CSS insurance.

We wish Jan-Niklas all the best of luck with his next steps at CSS and that he is able, with his team, to leverage the potential of digital health to reduce the global burden of chronic and mental conditions from an insurance perspective.

Thank you, Jan-Niklas!

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