New book chapter on “Digital Health Interventions” is out!

A new book chapter on “Digital Health Interventions” by Tobias Kowatsch and Elgar Fleisch has been published in the book Connected Business – Create Value in a Networked Economy. 

The chapter addresses non-communicable diseases, which are the leading cause of death and lead to high health economic burden, and digital health interventions (DHIs) as appropriate means to support the prevention and management of such ailments. It allows the reader to deep dives into DHIs, which rely on information and communication technologies, and enables medical doctors and other caregivers to scale and tailor long-term treatments to individuals in need at sustainable costs. The book chapter further provides an overview of how DHIs are linked to a connected ecosystem of various healthcare actors. It concludes with presenting opportunities for the ecosystem actors and further practical cases of digital health interventions therein.