Conference Keynote by M. Heuberger on Chatbots as an important asset for tomorrow’s health insurers

About Matthias Heuberger

Matthias Heuberger leads the department of New Business Models at CSS Insurance (the largest Health Insurer in Switzerland) and is Director at the Center for Digital Health Interventions. He graduated from the University of St.Gallen (Master in International Affairs and Governance) and Bergen (Master in International Management, CEMS). Thereafter, Matthias held various roles at Zurich Insurance. His main focus was on the Internal Consulting unit and on building up the department responsible for AI & Software Robotics. After leaving Zurich Insurance, Matthias joined CSS and among other topics was the initiator of an independent healthcare platform which will also leverage chatbots in the future.

About the Lecture

The health insurance market in Switzerland, but also internationally, is changing rapidly. In this talk, Matthias explains the challenges that health insurers face today and how chatbots provide an opportunity for health insurers to thrive in this difficult market. He will elaborate on the advantages of chatbots from the perspective of a health insurer and explain how CSS is trying to leverage chatbot technology to their advantage. Specifically, the talk will highlight recent examples that illustrate how insurers can use chatbots to create a superior customer experience and build new business models outside of the insurance market. Matthias will also highlight challenges and currently unanswered questions that need to be addressed to scale chatbot technology in the healthcare industry.

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