Ioannis Tarnanas has been selected for the 2016 Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) Scholars program

We are happy to announce that our team member Dr. Ioannis Tarnanas has been selected for the 2016 Global Brain Health Institute (GBHI) Scholars program. GBHI trains international health providers as leaders, advocates, and key stakeholders in the shared fight against dementia. This program will prepare individuals to put research knowledge into practice. All participants develop skills needed in leadership, communications, health economics, and policy, built on a foundation of brain health science and evidence. The driving goal of GBHI is to develop and mentor outstanding individuals to become leaders who will have a long-lasting impact on dementia prevention in their communities across the world. GBHI seeks individuals who want to bridge the gap between neuroscience and public health with respect to dementia prevention. Further details on the program can be obtained from: 

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