HSG Impact Award 2018 for Open Source Intervention Platform MobileCoach

We are very proud to announce that the behavioral intervention platform MobileCoach (www.mobile-coach.eu), which was developed and made open source under the Apache 2.0 licence by the Center for Digital Health Interventions and the Swiss Institute of Public Health and Addiction at Zurich University, has been awarded the HSG Impact Award 2018. As the representative of the whole MobileCoach team including Elgar Fleisch, Andreas Filler, Severin Haug, Dominik Rüegger, Dirk Volland, Filipe Barata, Iris Shih, Florian Künzler, Prabhakaran Santhanam, Jan-Niklas Kramer, Peter Tinschert, Marcia Nißen, Joseph Brian Ollier, Varun Mishra, David Kotz, Florian von Wangenheim and many others, Tobias Kowatsch received the award today at the dies academicus of the University of St. Gallen, May 26, 2018. MobileCoach is intended to facilitate behaviour-oriented interventions for patients with various health challenges.

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