Gold Award at the WorldMediaFestival 2018 in Hamburg, Germany

We are happy to announce that the health literacy video clips targeting children with asthma “Asthma kindgerecht erklärt” have been awarded the intermedia-globe GOLD Award in the category E-Learning and Education at the WorldMediaFestival 2018 in Hamburg, Germany. Our doctoral researcher Peter Tinschert received the award today in Hamburg. Congrats to the whole project team consisting of Lutz Augspurger and his team from Flipping Rocks, Alexander Möller, Helmut Oswald, Ullrich Dittler, Franca Meyer, Maja Schaub, Filipe Barata, Peter Tinschert, Jean-Marie Egger, Matthias Heuberger, Gabriella Chiesa, Elgar Fleisch & Tobias Kowatsch.

  1. The video clips are available here:
  2. The poster Health Literacy Video Clips for Children with Asthma is available here:

The video clips are currently available in German, French and Italian versions. If you are interested in other languages, please do not hesitate to contact Tobias Kowatsch via

Hamburg WorldMediaFestival

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