George Boateng has successfully defended his PhD!

We are pleased to share that doctoral researcher and PhD candidate George Boateng this week successfully defended his PhD thesis.

The thesis, “Multimodal Emotion Recognition among Couples from Lab Settings to Daily Life using Smartwatches” fills the current literature gap on couples’ emotion recognition, develops emotion recognition systems using 161 hours of data from a total of 1,051 individuals across Belgium, Germany, and Switzerland, and makes contributions towards taking automatic recognition of the emotions of romantic partners from the lab which is the status quo, to daily life enabled by smartwatches.

Details on the Dymand project can be found at Dymand Dyadic Management of Diabetes. 

George was supervised by Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch & Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch (pictured with George below). Congratulations to George on passing his doctoral studies! We are very happy that George will stay on at our centre as a postdoctoral researcher, so watch this space!

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