Full Stack Software Engineer DTx Design & Trial Service at Med-HSG (100%)

The Next Generation of Evidence-based Medicine (Nature Medicine, 2023), The New Science of Wellness (Scientific American, 2022), The Promise of the Metaverse in Cardiovascular Health (European Heart Journal, 2022), Can Virtual Reality Help Ease Chronic Pain? (The New York Times Magazine, 2022), First of its Kind Alexa Experience Provides Hands-Free Access at Home to General Medical Care (GlobeNewswire, 2022), Can digital technologies improve health? (The Lancet, 2021), Predictive analytics and tailored interventions improve clinical outcomes (npj Digital Medicine, 2021)

The ongoing digitization of our everyday life offers unique healthcare innovation opportunities. Based on more than 10 years of experience with the design of digital therapeutics (DTx, i.e. software-based interventions for the prevention, management and treatment of disease) with MobileCoach, the Centre for Digital Health Interventions (CDHI) (www.c4dhi.org) started to work on a novel DTx Design & Trial Service in 2023. CDHI is a joint initiative of the School of Medicine (Med-HSG) and Institute of Technology Management (ITEM-HSG) at the University of St. Gallen, the Institute for Implementation Science in Health Care at the University of Zurich, and the Department of Management, Technology, and Economics at ETH Zurich.

CDHI strives to specify, develop, and evaluate consumer- and healthcare provider-centric applications for preventing and managing non-communicable diseases and common mental disorders using ubiquitous computing technology.

To strengthen the software engineering team at CDHI, we offer the following position at Med-HSG in St.Gallen under the supervision of Prof. Tobias Kowatsch: Full Stack Software Engineer DTx Design & Trial Service at Med-HSG (100%)

We are committed to improving the way digital health research is done and developing a successor to MobileCoach. This green-field project will solve the technical and operative issues we faced over the years and open the door to many exciting future developments that weren’t possible with MobileCoach. It will consist of a no-code UI for researchers, scalable to more trial participants, wearable and sensor data streams, a customizable mobile app appearance, and some exciting new capabilities.

You will work on a green-field project as a full-stack software engineer in a small software team. You will be integrated into a small Scrum team with senior software engineers and a software engineering team lead. Besides programming new features, you will be actively shaping the whole project with your colleagues, and you will impact decisions down to the architecture level. You will interact with stakeholders from academia and industry to make this project meaningful and successful and help us nail down the requirements for maximum impact.

We offer…

  1. a position that allows you to contribute to the ongoing health challenges of our society
  2. exposure to many passionate researchers working at the intersection of digital health technology, computer science, and medicine
  3. work with experienced software engineers that will help you grow professionally and personally
  4. hybrid work – you choose which mix of workplace settings suits you the most
  5. exciting professional development opportunities
  6. access to a global network of digital health enthusiasts

You have…

  1. a Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related fields / vocational education as a software engineer
  2. programming experience in a team for at least 2 years
  3. strong JavaScript skills
  4. experience with modern Web UI frameworks (preferably React.js)
  5. experience in building secure systems and modern cryptographic methods to achieve security
  6. familiarity with micro-service architectures and event-driven systems
  7. strong verbal and written communication skills in English

The following competence will be advantageous:

  1. familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes
  2. experience with cloud native architectures and modern cloud deployments
  3. experience with DevOps
  4. experience with hybrid app development (React Native)
  5. native app development experience (iOS/Android)
  6. familiarity with ethical, legal, and health-political challenges of medical software applications

If you are fascinated by the described task and would like to be part of a highly motivated, young team, we would be pleased to receive your electronic application via the following link: APPLY HERE

If you have any further questions, please get in touch with Fabian Schneider: fschneider@ethz.ch.

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