Fan Wu presented her research on vocal biomarkers at the AI & X Summit 2022

On 14 October 2022, the annual AI+X Summit took place at the ETH AI Center, welcoming over 1500 participants from academia, research and industry. The event offered keynote lectures, workshops, as well as opportunities to connect with AI experts. Attendees engaged in conversations around questions such as ‘What are some of the trends in artificial intelligence? How can this knowledge be applied to problems we face in healthcare and beyond? What business models should be considered?’

Our centre’s PhD researcher Fan Wu from the CORE “Digital Biomarker, Acoustic and Inflammatory Biomarkers” attended the AI+X Summit and presented her research on “VOMOS: Voice remote monitoring system for patients with heart failure“. Fan presented a poster on the topic, highlighting the health and economic costs of heart failure which often include preventable hospital admissions. Fan’s research addresses the issue by developing and evaluating a digital prognostic vocal biomarker.

In Fan’s project, voice-based digital biomarkers are acquired through mobile devices and machine learning methods help predict a patient’s health status using selected voice features. The VOMOS project proposes a new monitoring modality for self-management which has the potential of reducing unnecessary hospital readmissions.

Thank you for sharing your research with the wider community, Fan!

Learn more: AI+X summit 2022

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