Elgar Fleisch joins NZZ discussion: Digital blind flight in healthcare: end in sight?

NZZ invited Prof. Dr. Elgar Fleisch to join a discussion on the digitalization of the Swiss healthcare system. Switzerland has long overlooked the digitalization of the healthcare system. But now there is movement: the entire population should receive an electronic patient record, artificial intelligence is already better at recognizing tumors than many oncologists, and hospitals want to care for their patients remotely in the future using sensors. The mountains of data that arise thanks to examinations and self-measurements hold huge research potential. What does it take for Switzerland to fully exploit the opportunities digitalization offers?

The discussion was moderated by Simon Hehli and featured the following experts next to Prof. Fleisch:

  1. Lukas Engelberger, Regierungsrat & Vorsteher Gesundheitsdepartement, Basel-Stadt
  2. Katharina Gasser, Chair der Task Force Health Data Ecosystems, Interpharma,
  3. Felix Huber Felix Huber, Hausarzt und Präsident, mediX Ärztenetze

The discussion took place in German and is available here. We look forward to future discussions on this very important topic.

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