DTx Book Sneek Peek – Chapter 13: Building the digital therapeutic industry

Here is a sneak peek into Chapter 13 of our new book Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health and Addiction: The State of the Science and Vision for the Future (Elsevier Link):

Building the digital therapeutic industry: Regulation, evaluation, and implementation

Megan Coder, PharmD, MBA Digital Therapeutics Alliance, Arlington, Virginia, USA

The digital therapeutic (DTx) industry has matured greatly over the past decade. Digital therapeutic product mechanisms of action, intervention types, geographic coverage, and patient-centric offerings are continuing to expand globally. Clinicians, employers, and payors are using digital therapeutic software-generated medical interventions alongside or in place of traditional therapies. The Digital Therapeutics Alliance convenes leading organizations in the industry to develop principles that ensure industry trustworthiness and legitimacy, promote the establishment of consistent regulatory pathways, establish digital therapeutic product evaluation models for payors, and educate end-users about real-world implementation models. Patient care will improve through the appropriate use of clinically validated digital therapeutic products.

Digital Therapeutics for Mental Health and Addiction The State of the Science and Vision for the Future 1st Edition, Editors: Nicholas C. Jacobson, Tobias Kowatsch, Lisa A. Marsch

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