CSS Health Insurance meets CDHI Event, Lucerne, Switzerland


Today, the PhD students from the Center for Digital Health Interventions presented their research projects at the CSS health insurance headquarters in Lucerne, Switzerland. The following posters have been presented:

  1. Shih, I., Nißen, M.K., Büchter, D., Durrer, D., l’Allemand, D., Fleisch, E., Kowatsch, T., Smartphone-based Biofeedback Breathing Training for Stress Management.
  2. Barata, F., Tinschert, P., Rassouli, F., Baty, F., Martin, B., Steurer-Stey, C., Puhan, M., Fleisch, E., Kowatsch, T., Smartphone-based Cough and Sleep Quality Detection.
  3. Kowatsch, T., Barata, F., Tinschert, P., Dittler, U., Egger, J.-M., Meyer, F., Schaub, M. Fleisch, E., Oswald, H. & Möller, A. Digital Health Literacy Intervention for Children with Asthma
  4. Möller, A., Oswald, H. Dittler, U., Meyer, F., Schaub, M., Barata, F., Tinschert, P., Egger, J.-M., Fleisch, E. & Kowatsch, T.  Health Literacy Video Clips for Children with Asthma (The video clips are available here)
  5. Künzler, F.; Kramer, J.-N., Mishra, V., Presset, B., Smith, S. N., Kotz, D. F., Scholz, U., Fleisch, E. & Kowatsch, T. (2017) Ally: A Smartphone-based Physical Activity Intervention

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