CDHI Highlights 2023

The Centre for Digital Health Interventions (CDHI) designs scalable digital biomarkers and health interventions to address the health and economic burden of non-communicable diseases.

In 2023, CDHI successfully started new collaborations with MTIP (Switzerland) and Mavie Next (Austria). CDHI is also extending the collaboration with CSS for another four years, led by Mia Jovanova, PhD, focusing on digital biomarkers in metabolic health. Another highlight is the new research activity around female health, led by Dr. Marcia Nißen. The team received the Fitrockr & Garmin Health EMEA Research Award for VOGUE, in which the impact of a woman’s menstrual cycle on receptivity to interventions is investigated. Additionally, the research team led by Dr. Filipe Barata has launched CLAID, a new open-source software designed to incorporate consumer-centered devices into clinical research studies and to facilitate the integration of machine learning models into healthcare applications. Moreover, Dr. George Boateng received the Pfizer Rheumatology Award 2023. The CDHI short films on Healthification and LvL UP received Gold and Silver at the World Media Festivals in Hamburg, Germany. Both projects highlight the relevance of preventive care and the importance of reaching and engaging vulnerable individuals.

CDHI is also passionate about educating medical, technical, or management students, healthcare professionals, and executives. In addition to the CAS in Digital Health, the new lectures Digital Biomarker Development, Optimizing Digital Therapeutics, and Digital Health Forum offer relevant knowledge and hands-on exercises to those interested in pushing forward the boundaries of digital health.

Finally, CDHI’s scientific work in 2023 was accepted by the New England Journal of Medicine AI, and published in Scientific Reports, Annals of Behavioral Medicine, Diabetes Care, The Lancet eClinical Medicine, Diabetes, Obesity and Metabolism (DOM), Digital Biomarkers, Computers in Human Behavior, or ACM’s getMobile. You can find our publications here.

With this end-of-year update on our highlights, we wish you all the best for 2024!

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