Call for Master’s / Bachelor’s Thesis: Digital Health Technologies in At-Home Aged Care: a scoping review

The aging population is skyrocketing, with a projected doubling of adults over 60 by 2050, accounting for 22% of the global demographic. Currently, over a billion people fall into this category, representing 13.5% of the global population. The consequent increase in life expectancy is attributed to improved healthcare accessibility and medical advancements.

In light of this, we are calling for research proposals for Master’s or Bachelor’s theses focused on a scoping review of Digital Health Technologies (DHTs) in at-home aged care. This is a unique opportunity to contribute to a field that stands at the intersection of healthcare, technology, and aged care management.

Your thesis will explore the role of DHTs as a potential solution to the caregiver gap, offering innovative methods to enhance care quality. You will investigate the transformation of healthcare delivery through the advent of technologies like telemedicine and remote vital sign monitoring systems. It’s imperative to address not just the technological capabilities, but also the practical aspects of their adoption and effectiveness among end-users—caregivers and older adults.

This research will guide the future of at-home aged care, impacting real lives by integrating technology with the noble cause of caregiving. Join us in shaping a technologically advanced, yet compassionate future for elder care.

Major tasks include (but are not limited to):

  • Review and synthesis of relevant literature
  • Development of a research question, research approach, and dedicated hypotheses
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis of the survey data
  • Summary of results
  • Publication


At our institution, embarking on a thesis journey should be a mutually rewarding and engaging experience. We are therefore looking for a motivated student proficient in data analysis, eager to collaborate within a team and thrive on close interaction throughout their master’s thesis project. An overarching interest in (digital) healthcare and geriatrics is essential.

Start: Anytime, as soon as possible
Methodology: Scoping review
Duration: 6 months (or to be discussed)

Interested students are invited to send an email with their CV and transcript of records to Panitda Huynh (

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