Call for Master’s / Bachelor’s Thesis: Digital Health Technologies for Metabolic Disorders in Older Adults

Metabolic disorders are leading causes of mortality and disability worldwide and significantly affect older adults relative to those younger. Digital health technologies (DHTs), such as patient monitoring, digital diagnostics, and digital therapeutics, emerge as promising tools for navigating health in day-to-day life. However, their role in targeting metabolic disorders, particularly among a key demographic of older adults, is not yet fully understood. Thus, this work aims to understand the use of DHTs in managing metabolic disorders among older adults.

The aim is to understand the prevalence of DHTs, and how they are used to diagnose, manage, and possibly prevent metabolic disorders in older adults. This thesis should establish a comprehensive overview of DHTs designed for older individuals, highlighting how they can be used to address metabolic disorders.

First, undertake a comprehensive literature review to identify and gather a wide array of digital health technologies (DHTs) available for older adults with metabolic diseases. Investigate the historical evolution, core ideas, and pivotal research within the field. Moreover, methodically classify and assess the various DHTs tailored for older adults suffering from metabolic conditions. Conclude by discussing the implications and potential benefits of these DHTs for managing metabolic health in the elderly. This summary aims to assist researchers and practitioners in choosing the most appropriate technology for managing metabolic diseases.


At our institution, embarking on a thesis journey should be a mutually rewarding and engaging experience. We are therefore looking for a motivated student proficient in data analysis, eager to collaborate within a team and thrive on close interaction throughout their master’s thesis project. An overarching interest in (digital) healthcare and geriatrics is essential.

Start: Anytime, as soon as possible
Methodology: Scoping review
Duration: 6 months (or to be discussed)

Interested students are invited to send an email with their CV and transcript of records to Panitda Huynh (

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