Call for Master / Bachelor Thesis: Unveiling the measurement of well-being

Conducting a scoping literature review and developing a classificatory framework on health-related quality of life measures

Health-related quality of life (HRQoL) is a multidimensional construct that plays a crucial role in assessing the impact of health conditions and interventions on an individual’s well-being. Many measurement instruments characterize the HRQoL research field, each focusing on different dimensions of HRQoL. To enhance the clarity and efficiency of future projects, there is a need to explore and categorize these measures comprehensively.

The primary goal is to provide an in-depth overview of the various dimensions covered by these instruments via a scoping literature review. Additionally, the thesis should establish a classificatory framework that facilitates the selection of appropriate HRQoL measures for specific research contexts.

First, you conduct a scoping literature review to identify and collect a broad range of HRQoL measures. You explore the historical development, key concepts, and significant studies in the field. Additionally, you systematically categorize and analyze the different dimensions addressed by the identified HRQoL measures. Physical, mental, social, and other relevant dimensions contribute to a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s well-being. Lastly, you develop a framework that classifies HRQoL measures based on their dimensions, psychometric properties, and intended applications. This framework should guide researchers and practitioners in selecting the most suitable instrument for their specific research objectives.

Start: Anytime, as soon as possible
Methodology: Scoping review
Duration: 6 months (or to be discussed)
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch & Anja Bischof

Interested students are invited to send an email with their CV and transcript of records to Anja Bischof.

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