Call for Action for the “Hack for Healthcare: How 3D printing can aid underprivileged countries”

Call for Action for interested students to support the “Hack for Healthcare: How can 3D-printing aid underprivileged countries?” taking place from November 26-28 at the University of Zurich, Switzerland.

During this hackathon, students will explore applications of 3D printing in Medicine* and create new solutions to help in a humanitarian context. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic showcased the need to innovate to overcome interruptions in global supply chains and shortages of medical material. There is no other technology available, aside from 3D printing, that has the agility to rapidly prototype and manufacture devices that can be used to help people and healthcare professionals in developing countries. The winning solution will be used for humanitarian purposes.

The Hack for Healthcare hackathon will bring together some of the brightest minds from Switzerland’s best institutions, as well as industry professionals from the world’s most reputable organizations.

Students that are interested in either participating or supporting the organization of the event can reach out to Dr. med. Michel Bielecki.

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