Breeze: A playful breathing training with the smartphone at the Swiss Digital Days 2020

On November 3, our Breeze Project was featured at the Swiss Digital Days 2020. Our doctoral researcher Yanick Lukic, Director Matthias Heuberger, and Executive Director Olivia Keller represented the Centre for Digital Health Interventions and spoke about the centre’s collaboration with CSS Insurance.

After explaining its concept and scientific development, Yanick Lukic engaged the audience by running a live demonstration of the Breeze app. He highlighted the biofeedback component of the app and illustrated how a gamification approach can incentivize the correct technique and potentially foster long-term engagement. Yanick Lukic further reviewed potential future projects which will focus on refining the app’s sensing features to improve its algorithm, as well as on verifying its effectiveness. There was a discussion about the relevance of breathing exercises for several health conditions as well as for the prevention of stress.

The interview (in German) is available via the video clip below.

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