A warm welcome to new CSS Health Lab Scientific Director Dr. Mia Jovanova

We are very happy to welcome Dr. Mia Jovanova as the new CSS Health Lab scientific director and postdoctoral researcher in digital biomarkers for healthy longevity at our centre. Mia will lead the next generation of the CSS Health Lab, focused on developing new digital biomarkers in metabolic health.
She arrives from Cambridge MA, where she is a visiting scientist at the McGovern Brain and Cognitive Science Center at MIT. She brings several years of experience of working on large interdisciplinary projects at the intersection of digital health, behavior change, and neuroscience, funded by DARPA, ARO, and NIH-FDA. Mia’s Ph.D. dissertation focused on developing person-specific models for health behavior prediction using smartphones. She completed her Ph.D. and M.A. at the University of Pennsylvania and her B.Sc. at Cornell University.

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