New Core Team for “Entrepreneurship and Health”

We are excited to announce the formation of a new Core team under the direction of “Entrepreneurship and Health” at our Centre. This new team originates from the Chair of Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Technology Management, University of St. Gallen which Prof. Dr. Grichnik leads. By integrating this team into our Centre, we pursue two main objectives: strengthening the collaboration between our Centre and the Chair of Entrepreneurship and expanding our expertise in the field of digital health entrepreneurship. We are pleased to announce that Prof. Dr. Dietmar Grichnik will serve as the Core Director for this new team. Joining him are Robert and Sahana. Robert, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of St. Gallen, co-initiated the HSG Healthspan Lab and co-founded AlpinaSana to combat malnutrition. Sahana is a Ph.D. candidate and doctoral researcher focusing on sleep and longevity. We look forward to the innovative contributions this partnership will bring and the positive impact it will have on the landscape of digital health entrepreneurship.

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