CfP on Information Systems in Healthcare at ICIS, Bangkok, Thailand, Dec 15-18, 2024

We welcome contributions to the International Conference on Information Systems (ICIS) 2024 Conference. We are excited to announce that ICIS 2024 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand.  The conference brings together information systems researchers from around the world to discuss cutting-edge research. As associate editor of the track Information Systems in Health Care, Prof. Dr. Tobias Kowatsch invites submissions in response to the complex health challenges posed by the pandemic, climate change, and global conflicts, a range of healthcare IS/IT solutions merit academic study.

Telehealth and telemedicine platforms are crucial, given their expanding role in providing accessible healthcare. The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning in diagnostics, along with big data analytics in public health, presents opportunities to enhance disease prediction and treatment personalization. The growing use of mobile health applications and wearable health technology offers a gateway to improved health monitoring and chronic disease management. The security and privacy of health data, especially in interconnected systems, highlight the importance of blockchain technology. Optimizing electronic health records for better patient outcomes, along with exploring the potential of remote patient monitoring systems, is essential in modern healthcare. Additionally, the integration of robotics in healthcare delivery, and the use of virtual and augmented reality in medical training and treatment, are innovative areas that hold promise for improving healthcare services and education. These technologies not only represent advancements in healthcare but also bring to light significant considerations regarding policy, ethics, and healthcare equity. In addition, the incorporation of Language Models (LMs) and Generative AI in healthcare offers the potential for substantial advancements in clinical decision support, enabling more precise and timely diagnosis and treatment by analyzing extensive patient data and medical literature. They also hold potential in personalizing patient communication automating administrative tasks such as documentation and scheduling, reducing the workload on healthcare professionals and allowing them to focus more on patient care. However, it’s vital to navigate these advancements with a keen awareness of ethical considerations, data privacy, and the necessity for unbiased, robust AI systems, ensuring that technological progress aligns with societal well-being and regulatory standards.

This track provides a forum for presenting and discussing original and innovative research highlighting the opportunities and challenges related to the multifaceted role of ICT in modern healthcare. We invite papers presenting qualitative, quantitative, business analytics, computational, conceptual, and design science-oriented research that leverage the multiple perspectives of information systems in the healthcare sector.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Design and implementation of healthcare information technologies (HIS), including real-world case studies involving diffusion, adoption, assimilation, and governance of
  • HIS
  • Healthcare dis– and mis-information issues
  • Economics of health IS/IT
  • People and systems interoperability in HIS, the impact on-healthcare providers, patients and payers
  • Healthcare analytics and AI in healthcare
  • Impact of Generative AI
  • Impact of innovative Information Technology in Healthcare
  • New methods of care delivery and payment
  • Organizational, operational, clinical and financial implications of HIS use
  • Public and community health informatics
  • Safety, security and privacy of health information
  • Telehealth and mobile applications and their impacts in post-pandemic healthcare, and reshaping healthcare with telemedicine and telehealth
  • User-generated content and its impact on healthcare practices and providers
  • Patient-centered health IS/IT and patient empowerment, including improving quality of care and personalization
  • Personalized and precision medicine
  • Advancing IS theories in healthcare settings
  • Conceptual papers and systematic literature reviews related to HIS and digital health

Please hand in your manuscripts according to the submission instructions available HERE. The submissions are due May 1, 23:59 (ICT Bangkok – UTC/GMT +7 hours) (Wed) See you in Bangkok in December 2024.

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